Carmen's Writing


First, in baseball you`ll need to get in position like first base second base short stop and in third base and home base. Also you`ll need to get suited up like put on a baseball helmet, a pretention vest, and a bat.
Second you need to do try outs for throwing skills, catching skills, and bating skills. And coach will check on you. When some people hit the ball with a bat it reminds me of a baseball game. At the end you go over.

My Worst Fear is Tornados


My worst fear is tornados .When I was three there was a warning was on TV and I got very scared. So I grab my fish bowl and ran to my basement my fish got scared too so they bunched up. And my 4 ginypigs cage was all ready in my basement all I had to do is go back up stairs and get them from my room. Then I heard a BOOM CRASH! So I stayed up stairs in living room.