Colin's Writing

I first bring the Lego Ninjago in the house and find an open aireyoe and start to work. Then take out the bags and lay them out and put them in order on the floor .Then open the bags and build the creation. Finally you put it all togezer and see if it looks like it is done. When it is done you can play and enjoy the set

By Colin Vincent The battle for good

Once upon a time there was a war against good and evil .The war would take forever until six elements saved everyone and their names were Colin, Mark, Romond , Kyle, Lucas Carmen. Colin’s his power is energy, Mark’s is ice, Romond is teacher, and Kyle is lightning, jovonni power is earth Carmen’s power is adsorption. But then one day a new threat came and had every power ever made. He had bionic’s the fight took forever then Jaren used his fire

The Lego lion’s baseball team

(1) Lego’s

(2) Cool