Elise's Writing



I was in the trampoline with Mia and Mia walked home. I danced to the door and inside. And I looked my folder my homework wasn’t THARE! I ran as fast as I could to my dad! ‘’Dad my homework is not in my folder!’’ It`s Ok ‘’my dad said in a very smooth way. Then I felt calming. ``Tomorrow daring Kids Club in the morning you can ask the jauntier to get the your Homework and then just go back to kids club my dad said in a pround way and felt intelengt . And do your homework ‘’ my dad said. ‘’But then I can’t play with Emily and Haley. ‘’ ‘’Just eat your food Elise.’’ Then I felt very disupodit in my self. The next morning I eate breakfast granolabar,
I grab my backpack and rushed out the door! And got in the car. I got to school. I asked the daring I asked for room 6 key. I got my
Homework I headed to kids club and did my homework.
then I got my snack witch was skinny pop.