Nyla's Writing

Mean Old Ms. Roney
One day there was a kid named bubble that did whatever he wanted. He would yell in the teachers face. He even said that his teacher was repulsive, monstrous and evil. He was the most atrocious kid in the class. So Ms. Roney had to step up her game, she yelled, she huffed and screamed her head off. So she got suspended and still screamed. Bubble got suspended too.

Birthday Song
My birthday song
I sing to my sister
She said it is horrible.
I all way’s sing.
Happy birthday to you
You stepped in some doe
You smell like some poop
And you look like it to.


Gilberto Nyla

Hurricanes are big heavy storms. Hurricanes can cause heavy winds. Hurricanes can sometimes cause tornados and floods. Hurricanes can pull trees out of the ground.