Talia's Writing

“Mechanical Pencil”

Mechanical pencils are
Cool but when you
Run out of lead you
Never can find the
Right lead again
No matter how hard
You try. You just try
1.9 lead and the pencil breaks
Then you look
On the pencil and
It says 1.5 lead and
That’s the thing with
Mechanical pencils!

All about Cynthia Rylant

Cynthia Rylant wrote over 100 children’s books. One of her books won a Newbery meddle the book was Missing May. Cynthia Rylant was born on June 06, 1954. When Cynthia was a kid she did not read much. Some of the books she wrote were Dog Haven, Goosebery park and lots of other books. Cynthia is very private and is still alive.

Research found on en.wikipedia.org

Rainforest Café

Have you ever been in the mood for classic food? Well if you have you should go to Rainforest Café. If you go there you will feel like you are in a rainforest, there are fake animals that move. When you go there the service is great and they always wait till you’re ready. The food is amazing there are lots of things like soup, eggs and steak. It was fabulous at the Rainforest Café. My favorite desert is a volcano it is a really big mountain of chocolate with a hole in the middle and melted chocolate comes out of it. It is really delicious. My only complaint was that we had to wait a really long time to get a seat, but I didn’t mind because I liked looking at all the cool stuff like the moving animals and their really amazing sounds. Some of animals were gorillas, monkeys and their babies. But even though the waiting wasn’t very terrific, I still recommend Rainforest Café. I drove to Rainforest Café with my family. My sister got soup with cheese on it and I got two pieces of grilled cheese with crispy, crunchy and greasy fries. When I picked up my grilled cheese I could feel the gushy cheese inside and my hands felt very warm. Well, if you ever go to Rainforest Café there will be so many animals it will be like the Hunger Games. For Rainforest Café I give five stars out of five. *

By Talia

Chubby cute
Fast, speedy, rough
Very cute and muddy

I don’t like it

Not one little bit

Not trying it

Not eating it

Not tasting one little bit.

I know it’s good for me

But it tastes bad.

Why can’t it taste like pizza?

Because pizza taste good.

Blizzards are dangerous and amazing. They can cause big distortion. Blizzards are very interesting to watch. If you ever have a blizzard don’t go outside.

The Masteries House
By Talia

Long ago in a deep dark forest lived a little girl and her mother, father, two brothers and a sister. They were a family just like another family work hard, go to school and play. But one day it wasn’t that normal. Doors were opening and lights were flashing. But it was even more odd that everybody was at the table. Then the little girl Chloe broke the silence and said “What is happening to our house mom” asked Chloe? Her mom was silent but then her mom said “MABEY THERE’S A GHOAST!?” Then everybody started to scream! Then they looked at the window and it said I’ll be back NEXT TIME!!! Week after week Chloe’s family was trying to find who was pulling pranks on them. Later that day they called their neighbors and their neighbors were just pulling pranks on them!

But that wasn’t true!

The End

By Talia

I love to read and do sports. I like to swim and do soccer. I like to read Katie Kazoo, Bearenstain Bears and Arthur.

By Talia The Kids Day Pared

Once upon a time there lived a King a Queen and there Daughter there names were King Lucas, Queen Ava and Princess Carmen. They were royal but very kind to the people in the village. One day the king and queen talked and wanted to have a big meeting about having a pared but they had know idea what the pared should be for. Later that day they held the meeting in the ball room. All the grownups and the King and Queen talked for a while and they all agreed on having the pared for kids day. Everybody agreed that kids day is just like mother and fathers day but it was for kids. ‘’Kids day was going to always be on May 29’’ said Queen Ava. It was May 28 the day before the kids day pared. Every grownup was scared that it wouldn’t be ready in time. It was May 29 and the pared was ready! The pared was a great and all the kids in the village got gifts. Kids day was always great and always on May 29. And everybody lived happily ever after.

The End

The Awesome Dad Poem

You are the best,
You are funny,
You are a big brat,
You are crazy,
You are nice,
You buy my favorite fruit.
You’re the best dad ever.
Love, Talia