Ty's Writing

Rainforest Café

By Ty

One night dad, mom, Zane, Wren, Sig, Bruno, and I went inside when we sat down. The waiter quick and fast, ask us what we wanted for dinner. I asked for mac and cheese. My brother said, ”I’m as hungry as a horse.” My sister said, “I’m as hungry as a horse.”
It was not loud at the Rainforest Café the restaurant had chairs, yummy food and huge tables. The atmosphere was beautiful. There were lots of waiters and lots of people. At the Rainforest Café there were lots of birthdays going on. The tables were so clean I could bite it like fresh chocolate from the store. Drool came out of my mouth. They got our food. We said thank you to the waiter. The place and the overall impression was great! My family loved it so when we were done with dinner we order a volcano.
It took ten minutes to make the volcano we said…this is the best! I told my mom it was delicious. Mom said,” It is great, it means amazing. * I give it 5 out of 5 stars

How to make snow into ice cream!

My Title the cool car

By Ty

Rough draft 1

One day when I finish 100 books I got to get a toy it was a remote control car it was 56.78 it was COOL but it was little when I got home I started to play with it. then my mom its time for bed time and take a shower and the next day I went to play with it and I found out. That it did NOT work and in 2 hours. me and my dad went to the store to get a new remote control car it was a lot 0 bigger. It was 60 dollars and we went to the cheek out line and after that we went home and I went to bed and went to sleep and the next morning I put on my tie. and my suit to my brother Zane, consort when we got their There. Were a lot of people? There and when we got into the car we drove home the road was quiet my legs hurt they felt weird it hurt seriously finally we were home dad. Turned off the car we went into the house

By Ty

Once apron a time there lived an attractive prince charming. Sleeping in a RELLY tremendous castle. his alarm went off at 10:00 o clock in the. Morning he forgot it was to pay taxes today and go to the. Grocery store He got dressed in his close he went to the store and he met this friend of his from high. School so He invited her over to his house eat dinner.she acthulley was a monster and when she came into the house and said I hide you seek and she planed to eat him up for dinner.
To be contienued
The End!!!!!!