Whitney's Writing

How to Irish Dance
By Whitney
Do you know what it means to Irish dance? The reason I want to talk about Irish dance is because it is complicated. It was born in Ireland, that’s far away. First, you need to get soft shoes. The two main dances you need to learn are the First Jig Step and the Second Jig Step. Next, you need to get registered for class and find out when your class is. Then, you need to get ready for competitions that are when you need to pay attention in class too. Believe me it’s important. Try your best and be proud of yourself. Have confidence and love what you do. I go to Sacred Heart School of Irish dance and most of all have lots and lots of fun.



I rushed to the car and I could feel the wind in my face and I leaped into the car and yelled! “Go mom go!” But the car ride there was not very long. I saw a lot of yellow flowers.

We finally got there Ronald McDonald’s was handing a coupon out for $ 2.00 off of kids meal. We got one for Katie and me, then we went to order the food.

It was excellent! It was fast food. I ordered a hamburger and chocolate milk and a large fry. The fries were the bigger kind that I like.

Awesome! It was the best. I was dressed in a panda shirt and light pink pants and a skirt with a little stars and a big star on it. My shoes were pink and purple crocs. The service was great. We did not have to wait too long. It was a great value.

When I left, I saw Ronal McDonald juggling bowling pins. It was the funniest thing I have ever seen. 5* out of 5 stars.
A Talking Duck
By Whitney
Once upon a time there lived a small duck name Talia she lived in a small town. And one day it was her first day of 2nd grade and the first day went excellent And the second day went even better then the first day. But the three day went not so well three kids where picking on her. At first she didn’t tell the teacher but then it got worse. Then she told her teacher and she talk to the kids and it stop. And they all went to get ice cream. And they lived happily ever after.


Rough draft 2

One sunny summer day we drove to the pool with my cousin Mandy, my brother Tommy and my sister Katie and my mom and me to were wearing blue bathing suit we were having fun. We were swimming in the pool when my mom said it time to go but we scrim no my mom started to get a Tamper and she said we can get ice cream and we said “harry” we got in the car and got ice cream. We all got strawberry we shouted and it tasted yummy to me we like it all.

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